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Lithuanian Language for beginners (in-person)


30€ / month


3 Months


Sundays 14:00-15:30

The aim of the lessons is to teach war refugees and immigrants the Lithuanian language, in order to provide them with the skills to communicate in Lithuanian in various situations. The training is conducted using various interactive learning strategies, such as dialogues, grammar exercises, vocabulary, and cultural activities. It also offers further observation and exploration of Lithuanian literature and culture, encouraging continuous language improvement. These skills and abilities will help war refugees and immigrants successfully integrate into the new environment and community, and provide them with the means to communicate and participate in society.

Your Teacher

Martyna Olšauskaitė

Martyna Olšauskaitė

The Lithuanian language and literature occupy a large part of my life, as does sports. I am studying sports, nutrition, and stress management, aiming for a healthy lifestyle, but I am also very fascinated by Lithuanian and foreign literature, the Lithuanian language. I have been sharing my love for the Lithuanian language as a tutor for two years, inspired by the desire to help others love it and discover their potential.

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