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Egle and Laimonas Spearhead Youth Development in Gaziantep, Turkey


Egle and Laimonas, fervent champions of youth empowerment, are presently in Gaziantep, Turkey, deeply engrossed in the transformative Erasmus+-funded training session titled "Development of Cooperation in Youth Projects" (2023-1-TR01-KA153-YOU-000134143). This initiative serves as a pivotal platform for fostering essential skills and knowledge vital for nurturing the potential of young individuals.

As ambassadors for IVAIGO, an organization committed to fostering youth leadership and engagement, Egle and Laimonas are not merely participants but catalysts for change. Their presence radiates the ethos of IVAIGO, resonating with the mission to empower youth globally. Through their interactions and insights shared during this session, they're not only enriching their own learning journey but also disseminating the vision and values of IVAIGO.

Their experiences in Gaziantep offer a glimpse into the transformative power of international collaboration and youth-focused initiatives. By embracing diversity, embracing cooperation, and championing inclusivity, Egle and Laimonas exemplify the spirit of Erasmus+ and the aspirations of IVAIGO. Their journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for young individuals aspiring to make a difference in their communities and beyond.

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