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Empowering New Arrivals: IVAIGO's Event Highlights Pathways to Integration


IVAIGO recently hosted a landmark event for newly arrived migrants in Lithuania, featuring psychologist and career advisor Ibrahim Zaki as the guest speaker.

In a heartening display of solidarity and support, IVAIGO organized an enriching event aimed at smoothing the integration process for newly arrived migrants in Lithuania. The gathering stood out as a beacon of hope and empowerment, drawing individuals from various backgrounds, all eager to find their footing in a new country. The highlight of the event was the presence of guest speaker Ibrahim Zaki, a revered psychologist with an academic foundation from Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) and extensive experience in facilitating job seminars. Ibrahim’s deep understanding of the challenges faced by migrants, coupled with his practical advice on mental health and job hunting, resonated with attendees, offering them not just hope but tangible pathways to success in their new homeland.

The session delved into critical areas such as the importance of mental well-being in times of transition, effective job search strategies, and the value of networking in a foreign land. Ibrahim’s insights, drawn from his own rich experience and professional expertise, provided a much-needed roadmap for navigating the complexities of integrating into the Lithuanian job market and society at large. Moreover, his established connections with local hiring companies illuminated potential opportunities for attendees, encouraging them to engage actively with their new community. IVAIGO's initiative in organizing this event underscores its commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where migrants can thrive. As Lithuania continues to welcome new faces from across the globe, events like these are pivotal in building a cohesive, supportive, and vibrant community.

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