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IVAIGO Shines at VPV PMC Career Days


At the recent VPV PMC Career Days, IVAIGO celebrated the joy of learning, showcasing diverse educational paths that captivated and inspired attendees of all ages and backgrounds.

IVAIGO is proud to have participated in the VPV PMC (Vilniaus paslaugų verslo profesinio mokymo centras) Career Days, an event that provided an invaluable platform for promoting versatile learning options across all age groups and educational backgrounds. Our team took this opportunity to introduce the audience to IVAIGO's wide range of activities and projects, aimed at empowering individuals through education and skill development. The enthusiasm and positive feedback received following our presentation were truly heartwarming. Engaging with such bright, young talents in this setting not only reinforced our commitment to fostering educational opportunities but also highlighted the community's appetite for innovative and inclusive learning pathways. We are grateful for the warm reception and are inspired to continue our efforts in shaping a brighter future for all learners.

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