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IVAIGO Unveils 'Entrepreneurial EQ' Project in Vilnius


IVAIGO sets a new standard for youth entrepreneurship education with the launch of the 'Entrepreneurial EQ' project, initiating a transformative journey that blends emotional intelligence with business acumen.

IVAIGO successfully launched the 'Entrepreneurial EQ' project, marked by an engaging kick-off meeting in Vilnius on March 21. This pioneering initiative, under the banner 2023-3-ES02-KA210-YOU-000176317, aims to merge emotional intelligence with entrepreneurial skills among youth. The 18-month journey, in collaboration with esteemed partners across Europe, promises a transformative experience. The project targets the holistic development of young entrepreneurs by integrating essential business acumen with emotional intelligence, fostering a community of innovative, resilient, and emotionally savvy leaders.

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