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Launch of the 'Positive Digital Parenting' project


The Positive Digital Parenting (PDP) project commences, uniting global partners to foster safer digital environments for families and enhance media literacy in adult education.

The Positive Digital Parenting (PDP) project, identified by the number 2023-2-LT01-KA210-ADU-000173746 in the adult education sector (210ADU), has officially commenced. This significant initiative, set to run over 20 months, is a collaborative effort involving esteemed partners: Incirliova Genclik Kultur Sanat ve Gelisim Dernegi (Turkey), EESTI PEOPLE TO PEOPLE (Estonia), and Asociacija IVAIGO (Lithuania). The primary goal of PDP is to empower parents in guiding their children towards safe and responsible digital interaction, while strengthening the bonds of communication and trust. Furthermore, the project aspires to boost the media literacy skills of adult education professionals through innovative non-formal educational strategies.

Among the key activities planned are the development of the PDP FAMILY LEARNING TOOLKIT, tailored to suit family members of varying ages, and a specialized in-service training program for adult educators to advance their media literacy. Additionally, localized training sessions in Lithuania, Turkey, and Estonia are on the agenda, aiming to directly impact parents, educators, and trainers. The outcomes expected from PDP include not only the learning toolkit and the comprehensive training program but also the launch of a dedicated project website, serving as a pivotal resource for participants and stakeholders. This project kick-off marks a significant step forward in the journey towards safer and more informed digital environments for families and educational professionals alike.

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