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Training in Antalya, Turkey, on November 18-21, 2024


Call for Lithuanians and the residents of Lithuania for the training in Antalya, Turkey, on November 18-21, 2024

Country: Antalya, Turkey

Dates: November 18-21, 2024


Main aim of the project: to raise awareness about the discrimination faced by migrants and refugees while promoting social inclusion. Through the creation of music videos and posters for social media platforms, the project aligns with the priorities of Erasmus+ by emphasizing digital skills, intercultural dialogue, and social inclusion. By engaging adults as the target group, the project aims to foster empathy, understanding, and solidarity, leading to more inclusive societies.


Age of participants: 18+ years old

Accommodation and meals during the project will be free of charge. Travel expenses will be reimbursed after the project.

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