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Mindful Living: Empowering Youth through Yoga, Breathing Exercises, and Stress  Management

Title: Mindful Living: Empowering Youth through Yoga, Breathing Exercises, and Stress Management
Number: 2023-3-LT02-KA152-YOU000176457
Dates: 11/03/2024/03/11 - 10/03/2025

Main aim: to promote a healthy lifestyle and enhance the well-being of young people in Lithuania and partner countries (Ukraine, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, and Turkey). By incorporating mindfulness techniques, breathing exercises, and yoga practices, this project will provide participants with the necessary tools to manage stress, improve mental health, and foster personal growth.


  1. Foster awareness and understanding of mindfulness, breathing exercises, and yoga as effective tools for stress management and overall well-being.

  2. Promote healthy lifestyle choices among young people, encouraging physical activity and mental well-being.

  3. Enhance intercultural dialogue and understanding among participants from different countries.

  4. Develop participants' leadership skills, self-confidence, and empathy through experiential learning activities.

  5. Create a network of motivated young people committed to promoting mindfulness and well-being within their communities.


Youth exchange: The youth exchange will bring together 42 young people (aged 18-30) from 6 different European countries for 10 days. 7 participants from each partner country. The youth exchange will be organized in Vilnius, Lithuania.


1) Lithuania: Activity 1: Mindful Living Workshop

a. Introduction to mindfulness, breathing exercises, and their benefits for stress management.

b. Practical sessions on yoga techniques, relaxation exercises, and meditation.

c. Interactive workshops on healthy lifestyles, nutrition, and mental health.

2) Ukraine: Activity 2: Cultural Immersion and Exchange

a. Experiencing the partner country's culture, traditions, and history.

b. Collaborative activities promoting intercultural dialogue.

c. Sharing best practices on promoting mindfulness and well-being within the community.

3) Poland: Activity 3: Youth Empowerment Seminar

a. Interactive sessions on leadership development, communication skills, and project management.

b. Sharing success stories and challenges in implementing mindfulness practices.

c. Peer-to-peer learning through group discussions and workshops.

4) Bulgaria: Activity 4: Mindfulness in Nature

a. Exploring the connection between nature, mindfulness, and well-being.

b. Outdoor activities, such as hiking, yoga in natural settings, and mindful nature walks.

c. Workshops on sustainable living and eco-friendly practices.

5) Greece: Activity 5: Well-being and Artistic Expression

a. Exploring the intersection of mindfulness, well-being, and artistic expression.

b. Workshops on art therapy, creative writing, or other forms of artistic expression as tools for stress management and self-care.

c. Collaborative art projects promoting well-being.

6) Turkey: Activity 6: Mindfulness and Cultural Integration

a. Exploring the cultural significance of mindfulness in Turkey.

b. Workshops on Turkish mindfulness practices, such as Sufi meditation or Turkish tea ceremonies.

c. Cultural immersion activities, such as visits to historical sites or participating in local rituals.

Expected Results and Impact:

  1. Increased awareness and understanding of mindfulness, breathing exercises, and yoga as tools for stress management among participants.

  2. Improved mental well-being and stress-coping skills among young people involved in the project.

  3. Enhanced intercultural competence and understanding among participants from different countries.

  4. Empowered youth equipped with leadership skills and the motivation to promote well-being in their communities.

  5. Sustainable partnerships and networks for future collaboration on similar initiatives.

  6. Participants will be encouraged to share their acquired knowledge and skills with their peers, ensuring the project's impact extends beyond the duration of the program.

  7. The online platform or network established during the project will serve as a hub for continued collaboration and sharing of resources.

  8. Partnerships with local organizations, schools, and community centers will be established to sustain the implementation of mindfulness practices in youth activities.

  9. By implementing this youth exchange project, we aim to empower young people to take charge of their well-being, promote healthy lifestyle choices, and create a positive ripple effect within their communities. Together, we can cultivate a generation that is mindful, resilient, and equipped to lead fulfilling lives.


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