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Positive Digital Parenting (PDP)

Title: Positive Digital Parenting (PDP)
Number: 2023-2-LT01-KA210-ADU-000173746
Dates: 01/01/2024 - 31/08/2025

Main aim: to support parents in educating their children to engage safely and responsibly in the digital environment, while also fostering communication and trust between children and parents. Additionally, the project aims to enhance the media literacy competencies of educators and trainers in the field of adult education through non-formal education methods.


  1. To provide parents with the knowledge and tools to enable safe and responsible digital engagement for their children.

  2. To promote communication and trust between parents and children regarding digital usage.

  3. To develop learning resources and innovative tools for educators and trainers in adult education to enhance their media literacy competencies.


  1. Project Management and Dissemination: This activity involves the overall coordination and promotion of the project's objectives and outcomes.

  2. PDP FAMILY LEARNING TOOLKIT: Creation of age-appropriate learning materials for family members of different age groups, facilitating their understanding of digital engagement safety.

  3. PDP In-service Training Programme for Adult Educators: Development of a training program to equip adult educators with media literacy competencies using non-formal education methods.

  4. Local Trainings in Lithuania, Turkey, and Estonia: Conducting localized training sessions in these countries to reach parents, educators, and trainers directly.


  1. PDP FAMILY LEARNING TOOLKIT: The project will produce a toolkit containing age-appropriate learning materials for family members, promoting safe and responsible digital engagement.

  2. Project Website: A dedicated website will be established to provide information about the project and its resources.

  3. PDP In-service Training Programme for Adult Educators: A comprehensive training program will be developed to enhance the media literacy competencies of adult educators and trainers.


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