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Sustainable YOU(th)

Title: Sustainable YOU(th)
Number: 2023-1-LT02-KA152-YOU-000113802
Dates: 21/06/2023 - 20/06/2024

Main aim: To raise awareness about climate change and promote environmentally sustainable and responsible behavior in daily habits for 35 young people, in 5 local communities, while increasing the social inclusion of 15 youth with fewer opportunities through a youth exchange program in Lithuania.


  1. Increase Climate Change Knowledge: Enhance participants' understanding of climate change, its causes, consequences, sustainability, and the environmental situation in their respective countries.

  2. Promote Sustainable Practices: Introduce the 5 R's of Waste Management (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle) and other green practices through non-formal and practical activities, encouraging their integration into daily life.

  3. Empower Agents of Change: Inspire young people to take an active role in environmental and sustainable development by devising action plans that enable them and their local communities to contribute to climate change mitigation and sustainability.


In September 2023, a youth exchange in Vilnius, Lithuania, brought together 42 participants from Turkey, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic. The youth exchange program consists of various activities such as workshops, discussions, and practical exercises on waste management, sustainability, and climate change. It also includes team-building exercises, group discussions, and the creation of action plans. Participants engage in cultural exchanges and social activities, fostering mutual understanding and cooperation.


  1. Participants gained a deeper understanding of climate change and its environmental impacts.

  2. They learned about the 5 R's of waste management and embraced sustainable practices.

  3. Participants developed action plans for climate change mitigation in their communities.

  4. Increased awareness of ecological footprints prompted lifestyle changes.

  5. The project promoted environmentally conscious behavior and responsible consumption.

  6. Participants improved their tolerance, teamwork, and cross-cultural skills.

  7. Individuals reported increased self-esteem and personal growth.

  8. Attendees learned about non-formal education benefits and Erasmus Plus opportunities.

  9. Communities adopted environmentally friendly daily routines.

  10. Partner organizations achieved short-term goals, enhancing their competencies.

  11. Organizations were motivated to integrate sustainability into their operations.

  12. The project inspired positive change and raised climate change awareness worldwide.

  13. The project aligned with EU and Erasmus Plus environmental goals.


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