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Title: Tool4youth
Number: 2021-2-PT02-KA220-YOU-000048125
Dates: 01/03/2022 - 29/02/2024

Main aim: to promote critical thinking, media literacy, and awareness, while also fostering essential skills in individuals, with a particular focus on youth education and EU funding projects.


  1. To increase awareness of what news is fake, which resources are not trustworthy.

  2. To create a common consciousness to change the societies habits of believing in everything they hear or read

  3. To promote EU funding projects to the wider community.

  4. To raise awareness of youth education and its deep effects at local, national, and international levels.

  5. To enhance the media literacy skills of youth

  6. To improve design thinking, creativity, adaptability, resilience, and even empathy.

  7. To develop communication, teamwork, digital literacy, analyzing, research


  1. Transnational Project Meeting (TPM1) in Portugal

  2. Learning, Teaching, and Training (LTT1) in Turkey

  3. Transnational Project Meeting (TPM2) in Poland

  4. Learning, Teaching, and Training (LTT2) in Bosnia And Herzegovina

  5. Transnational Project Meeting (TPM3) in Lithuania and the Multiplier Event

  6. Transnational Project Meeting (TPM4) in Portugal



  1. Toolkit: Comic strip about the infodemic, aiming to showcase how it affects people and promote media literacy among young individuals.

  2. Website.

  3. Videos of peer-to-peer activities.

  4. Project logo.


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